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Orchard Spa in Sydney.

Orchard Spa has a different specials for you and your friends.

You are searching for wellbeing, a refreshed mind when the days are still long under the sun? Make yourself comfortable with our new Offers for this time of the year and check out the following treatments.

*Offers not valid on Fri-Sun or on public holidays

The wild orchard dream

Couple massage with your favorite flavour

You want to have a timeout with a person you really like and needs a brake from busy lifestyle? The wild orchard dream includes our treatments who makes you feel refreshed and reenergized.

Relaxation massage, back mask, steam eye mask


Almond oil; pina colada oil; rainforest fragrant oil

60mins – $159

90mins – $219


Chocolate Orchard Escape

100 mins Chocolate Package

If you love chocolate, book us to enjoy the relaxation luxury spa, with a fully chocolate smell.

Massage with chocolate essential oil

Chocolate body scrub

Chocolate back mask

Chocolate mini facial

Single – $149

Couple – $289

Spoon with coffee body scrub and scattered beans on wooden table, closeup

Sweet Memory

100 mins Strawberry Package

Remember the smell and taste of fruity strawberries! Think of the spring while you are expiring this package on a cold winter day.

Strawberry footbath

Massage with strawberry essential oil

Strawberry body scrub

Strawberry mini facial

Strawberry steam eye mask

100mins – $149

Herbal medicine concept. Dry strawberry in the jar and strawberry essential oil on wooden brown table. Organic ingredients.

Coconut Paradise

70 mins Coconut & Vanilla Package

Give your body a treat with the value ingredients of the coconut and the essential oil of the vanilla plant to stimulate your senses and care your skin smooth.

Massage with vanilla essential oil

Coconut and vanilla body scrub

Single – $110

Couple – $200

Coconut oil, selective focus

Warm Afternoon

120 mins Ginger & Cinnamon Package

Keeps you warm and calm. Take time for yourself and load your batteries up with Ginger and Cinnamon with a range of our treatments.

White ginger footbath

Massage with cinnamon essential oil

Ginger and cinnamon body scrub

Mini facial

Back mask

Steam eye mask

120mins – $169

Handmade DIY natural sugar and salt body scrub with ginger, rosemary, almond and coconut oil

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